I don’t like running without Denise

Last Updated on December 16, 2020 by David Vause

We had a heavy fog this morning. Normally, I go out of my way to get out there at dawn in fog. But I lingered at home till it warmed to 45 F. I’m struggling to come out a low point in training. My MCM left me with quite a bit of DOMS in my legs and hips. This can easily morph into chronic low back pain, which it did. For the past four weeks, I’ve been managing this low grade pain. To this, necessity adds the stresses working in the midst of a COVID pandemic. This is worsened by the daily surreal nightmare of having a proto-fascist in the White House who is utterly divorced from reality and emits a steady stream of ugliness, and self-serving lies. As we approach half a million dead at ever increasing speed, some large proportion of America either still thinks COVID is a hoax, that masks are an impingement of their personal freedoms, or simply do not care that ICU’s all over the country are quickly approaching capacity.

I am well aware that in the past, there is a significant stress component to my back issues.

Denise broke one of her toes last week. I am very used to running some portion of my run with her. While she has always been supportive of my working out, leaving her behind adds to my inertia. I have said elsewhere that to train is to have a positive vision of the future. The future that I see is one of growing COVID death and, as those who know me well have heard me say many times, “running out of runway”.

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