Last Updated on November 19, 2022 by David Vause

I came across a study recently….and I need to put a link to it here……about emphasizing the eccentric portion of my repetitions. I haven’t experienced any increase in delayed onset muscle soreness but I certainly have been feeling much higher levels of generic muscle achiness. My middle deltoids have been particularly prone to this. I need to research this more.
International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology

The net effect is to decrease the net weight and repetitions that I can perform. This is a more conservative approach, probably not inappropriate for a 65 year old. I do not have any real joint issues, possibly because I’ve always done strict reps. Slowed eccentric movements really make the rep strict.

This is consistent with old school body building’s emphasis on the mind/muscle link. You can’t focus on your muscle if you’re jerking through the movement. The mind/muscle link is achieved with slow reps allowing you feel and focus on the muscles. Body building wisdom has asserted for decades that this is the way to grow. In the 21st Century, Dwayne Johnson embodies this style of training.

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