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Interesting exchange between Michael Barbaro and Dr. Anthony Fauci on  The Daily, Jan. 31, 2022:

Michael Barbaro: “Aren’t the covid cautious fighting their own war against covid, but one which,  ironically, is really on behalf of the covid skeptical and those who don’t think that level of caution is necessary or useful at this point?” ..

Dr. Fauci: “It’s a circular….I don’t really know the right word but there’s something circular about it…. That the cautious are being cautious a lot because the uncautious are not being cautious and the uncautious resent the caution of the cautious… talk about circular (laughs).”

Let me be very clear. My wife and I do nothing for the uncautious. To us, they are shirking their patriotic duty to enhance the safety and stability of their country, their society, and their neighborhoods for petty fears, petty convenience, or, worse, petty political hallucinations. They deserve what they get. We do what we do for ourselves and for others who took the shots so that we can remain productive for our society and nation and not overwhelm our hospital systems.

Waving a flag like a chimp doesn’t make you a patriot. Effective action does.

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