Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by dgvause

Breakfast this morning was a bit more elaborate.

Whole whipped eggs with parmesan cheese and spinach. Hash browns made from fresh, whole potatoes. Morning Star Farms vegetarian bacon. Tangerine with raspberries. Green Mountain light roast.

And a really hungry belly.

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One thought on “Today, We Splurged

  1. It was supposed to be a big, puffy omelet (sort of) like the omelets we used to get at Waffle House in North Carolina (without all the butter!!) but I only had a choice of 2 pans: the 7″ carbon steel I use every morning for breakfast, or my 12″ pan reserved for pan frying fish (it’s my only surviving non-stick pan). 7″ too small to handle the big fistful of spinach, and the 12″ . . . well, turned out too big but it was delicious just the same! And allowed for even more fresh spinach!! Guess my next pan will need to be a 9-10″ carbon steel 🙂

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