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I realized today that COVID and Ukraine are the defining moments for Gen Z as they grow into adults. Defining moments are always ones of challenge and insecurity. For my generation, they were the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam War. Crisis is part of life. We get lulled into complacency, especially here in the greatest empire in history, thinking that the end of history has arrived. But there is no end to history.


Heroism unfolding in real-time. Zelensky could have left to form a government in exile. Instead, he stayed and is now a hero. Let’s hope he doesn’t become a martyr. Let’s hope all of Ukraine doesn’t become martyrs.

Putin is showing himself, once again, on the world stage to be a mafia-like thug. Those he can reach, he imprisons. Those he can’t, he has murdered.

Russia is mugging a small, nearly defenseless, neighboring country in the most violent way while we stand by and impotently watch. The man with whom Trump is such great chums is a war criminal. Americans are naive if they think the world can still be reduced to the violence of brutes. In the end, sans force, there are those who would reduce our country and the world to the savagery of the jungle.

Make no mistake about it. The Chinese leadership is Tiananmen Square. The Russian leadership is Ukraine’s brutalization. And only American power contains them on the world stage.

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