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8/17 Tuesday

148.8 lb / 18.1% bf. I’m heavier than I like to be.

5:45 AM. Waiting for a bit of sunlight before I start. It’s going to be a sweaty one: 77 F with 99% humidity.

My runs did not go well last week. Covid distracts my focus and I lose the drive to train. I know that if I don’t train well, I will go into a depressive spiral that is nearly impossible to climb out of.

The training forms a mental and physical framework around which I structure the rest of my day. I’m not really happy that it is at the core of my identity. Taking a cue from the stoics, it seems to me that having an identity based entirely on a mental construct is better. After all, one is most in control of one’s mind, body, less so. I also know that mind and body are ultimately one: mind is a part of body. Optimum mental health proceeds from optimum physical health.

7/17 Saturday

Going for 6 today. Took time to let the sun come up. Launching at 6:45.

Start at 75F, 98% RH. Finish at 79F, 89% RH. First run this year where the heat was a significant factor. More of a discomfort than an actual hindrance. Enjoyed being out a bit later and seeing the familiar faces of walkers whom I know.

At completion, did a 0.1×1 sprint.

7/5 Monday 149.2 18.9 %

Did 7 running and 4 Km rowing yesterday. Glutes a little sore upon arising

Put together a lifting routine for my shoulder impingement syndrome. Lifted 1080 lb.

6/27/21 Sunday

0700: 6 miles

Still a challenge to slow down. It was warm and moist: low 70s…probably above 90% RH.

6/20/21 Sunday: 150.2 lb, 17.9%

0700: 5 miles @ 11:59 74 degree, 94% RH

Looks like my Achilles tendonitis is finally healed. It’s been a good first week. My initial run was 3, then two 4 miles, and, today, 5 miles. No issues. Denise walked 3 with me.

I started at circa a 12:40 pace and slowly picked up speed unconsciously. I was aware of the pace, but it felt comfortable throughout. I had no goal to run fast. When the sun broke the clouds, things started to get a bit challenging due to the heat. I figured that after so many weeks, Hermes had ejected me from his running club. Now he was exacting his pound of sweat as the price to regain admission.

3/30/2021 Tuesday: 150.8 lb.

Particularly groggy wake up this morning. In gym by 4:30 AM. Completed upper body barbell compound movements. Mildly weaker this morning.

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